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Brighton Capital Advisors is a commercial real estate debt advisory firm, serving as a debt consulting platform designed to navigate clients through the aspects of CMBS, Life, and Bank loans. Brighton Advisors strive to safeguards the Borrower from the pitfalls of CMBS securitization loan servicers. By analyzing property cash flows and loan documents, Brighton Capital Advisors can assist the Borrower to avoid a default and in some instances, modify any defaulted mortgage debt.

Extensive Banking Relationships-Brighton Capital Advisors
Unparalleled Access
Extensive Banking Relationships

Brighton Capital Advisors team have been involved in the origination of over $50B of CMBS loans for over 25 years. Closing and Securitizing CMBS loans demands the Lender to understand the intricacies of the entire process. BCA professionals have worked first hand with Rating Agencies, Bondholders and B piece buyers on every transaction. Our Loan Modification process entails working with these same parties. We know how the servicer thinks, what bond holders require and what their decision-making process entails. A sample of our relationships include:

  • Argentic
  • Bank of America
  • Citi
  • CWCapital
  • KeyBank
  • LNR
  • Midland
  • PNC
  • Rialto
  • Wells Fargo
Workout Solutions

Brighton Capital Advisors provides Access to commercial real estate owners requiring loan restructuring and workout solutions, recapitalizations, and alternative sources of debt and equity. The BCA team has experience on both the ownership and debt side of commercial real estate and understands the intricacies and the inner workings of CMBS servicing, REMIC, bondholder and rating agency processes and requirements. The BCA team is comprised of Bankers and Attorneys from top-tier firms, who possess the experience and knowledge to navigate through the complexities of CMBS servicing. Our goal is to provide optimal solutions for borrowers in the otherwise daunting and complex current pandemic environment and into the future.

Client Strategies

Brighton Capital Advisors possess deep capital market expertise to create optimal solutions customized for each borrower and the asset. BCA’s longstanding relationships provide access to the decision makers of lenders and servicers to modify and restructure a loan including: Discounted Payoffs (DPO), debt subordinations (A/B Notes), interest rate and amortization relief, maturity extensions, assumptions and recapitalizations.

Loan Servicing Navigation

Navigating through the multifaceted aspects of CMBS, Life and Bank Loan servicing requires an advisor skilled and fully conversant with the process. BCA utilizes thier vast experience of loan origination and securitizations along with longstanding relationships with Lenders, Servicers, and other market participants to effecively resolve the most complex loan issues in a cost efficient and timely fashion.

Proven Track Record

Leading commercial real estate deals to support strategic business goals is what Brighton Capital Advisors does best. Our Advisors have been involved in multiple commercial real estate cycles as Lenders, Attorneys, Special Servicers, Real Estate Consultants, Retail and Office Property Owners, Hotel Operators, and Equity Fundrisers.

Experienced Team

Brighton Capital Advisors is a full service commercial real estate advisory company which provides sophisticated investment guidance to commercial real estate owners. Each Advisor has over 25 year proven track record in loan structuring and closing. Combined, they represent over $50B of loan production for top-tier CMBS & CRE platforms in fixed- and floating rate, construction, leasehold, CMBS and Balance Sheet financings. BCA creates strategies to properly realign the requirements of the loan with the asset’s current and projected performance metrics in the current and post-pandemic period.

Results Based Fees

Brighton Capital Advisors is result-oriented and provides a success-based fee structure which aligns us with the interests of the investor and borrower. BCA recognizes that a successful outcome is subject to a myriad of variables and therefore is only rewarded upon the SUCCESSFUL implementation of the agreed-upon strategy.

“For the decades when I was a lender, I would frequently get calls from existing borrowers about issues they were having with CMBS loan servicing.  The service that the BCA team provides would have been an amazing service to get us all headed in the right direction to a positive outcome.”

– Robert Thaggard

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