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Brighton Capital Advisors is your team of experienced veteran bankers, who understand the complex issues surrounding your loan and can facilitate conversations and get fast results from the decision makers on the lending side. Leveraging our team’s combined experience in CMBS loans and real estate finance, our Advisors help clients cut through the noise of the unknown and present the heart of their issue to optimize the outcome for the Borrower.

Coral Springs, FL: Cash Management Trigger

Miami FL: Retail Center Default Loan Negotiation

Woodstock GA: Retail Center Loan Maturity Default

Midland TX: Multi-Family Loan Modification

North Port FL: Specified Tenant Bankruptcy

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How Can We Help You?

The motto “access = success” is what we’ve built BCA on– and it couldn’t be more accurate. When dealing with lenders, it often doesn’t matter if you’ve got a good case, or if you’ve been a great borrower. It really boils down to how you present, who you present to, and whether or not you know how to speak the lender’s language.

Our team at BCA is comprised of top lending professionals, special servicers, and lawyers. We know the CMBS process and have key relationships with decision makers in the lending process– primarily because we’ve spent over 25 years years working on the lending side with them.

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Brighton Capital Advisors

Dedicated to supporting commercial property owners and investors navigate the CMBS Loan modification and restructuring process.
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Brighton Hotel Advisors

A deep understanding of CMBS and unmatched relationships with decision makers within the lending community.
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Brighton Mortgage Advisors

Individualized hands-on attention from senior partners to enable the property to achieve maximum performance.
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“Be prepared. Be proactive.”

– Michael Cohen